In a rental car through South Africa, Botswana and Namibia


As a tour guide I am basically happy about every job, even if you never know what kind of customers you are dealing with. This time it was about a customer who wanted to get to know the southern part of Africa, but did not dare to travel alone. Way too dangerous. He wanted a supervised adventure. After he booked the flights after many promises that had been canceled and it really started, I worked out a nice route.
At the airport in Johannesburg we wanted to take a rental car and travel on your own the countries of southern Africa. For that you have to bring sandals. In South Africa, there are the same small gas cartridges with thread and for stabbing just like in Europe. Plug adapters (South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are alike) are cheap everywhere. The usual travel adapter sets do not fit.
Since a small rental cars are already offered for less than 10 euros per day worth the bureaucratic purchase of a private vehicle with subsequent sale is not really. But what is very worthwhile is the transport of a tent.
Especially at tourist attractions costs a hotel room fast 100 euros per night, while you can spend a night almost everywhere with a tent. If you do not want to be quite so Spartan, you have the middle ground. Most lodges offer camping for 10 euros per person per night including pool use, internet and sanitary facilities.
Already in Johannesburg we could visit a lion park and ironically see the first giraffes and buffaloes there. We left the city on the toll motorway, but the tolls are not paid by any South African. The selfish government can barely arrest the entire population.
The entry was quite relaxed with the necessary permit from the rental car company. As Germans, we got the visa stamp free for 30 days at the border.
Our likewise free 90 days visa stamp from South Africa continued in this time. The car was subject to a road tax of 166 Pular. The promised credit card payment failed, so we had to change cash at the border.
As we walked around to change money, we lost the remotely controlled car opener because one of the key rings of the rental car company was bent. That should still play a role, as my customer weeks later with the ring holes in his pants and me in his farewell email blamed. Although he called me "Alzi," I had not forgotten the loss of the key. Luckily we found the car opener again.

The landscape in Botswana was quite monotonous and we made good progress on the straight asphalt road until we were suddenly stopped by police. As in most countries of the world, the greatest danger threatens neither by wild animals nor by diseases such as malaria, but by highwaymen who, under some pretext, steal their money from travelers.
In contrast to normal thieves, armed policemen can not just beat one on the cap, but have to make a good face to the bad game. Due to self-serving officials, the South African rand is currently at a record low of 16 to a euro. Supposedly somewhere far away (we could not see anything) a refugee shelter. For this reason pretext and of course not to gamble on travelers, the speed at this point of the extremely wide, straight straight highway has been reduced from 120 to ridiculous 80 km / h.
I had probably overlooked this pointless sign, but maybe it was well hidden or had not been there at all. Who knows. We got out first and watched as the South African behind us shook 500 Rand without making an effort and drove on quickly. My client tried his luck by giving some brooches to his colleagues, but was unsuccessful. Good that he now knows from this page, how the rip off by officials feels.
I had less respect for the uniformed bandits and told them that we would have to camp by the side of the road and not be able to afford a lodge if they plundered our travel funds. After all, the constant rip-off by police officers is the reason why we did not drive through Zimbabwe. Allegedly, a relative of the president owns a company for fire extinguishers. That's why these and warning strips etc are mandatory and are checked every few meters.
To honor the last bit of honor (if it happens to people who instead of working to harm others or take away something from them) they finally let us drive on. My client listed this as his success. Given. As a tour guide you always have to give your customers the feeling that they have done something. Inwardly, I felt it was a nice move of fate that I received my money stolen by police in the form of this trip back. I love Africa and every opportunity to come back.
The fact that it was not an unfortunate incident at the highwaymen we experienced a few miles further, when we were stopped and harassed again at a point with intentionally too low speed limit. A less lucrative attempt to reduce the country's high assault and burglary rates was not undertaken by the "law enforcement officers".
In contrast to Europe, you can at least talk with the people here, and they always let us drive, because of course they knew very well that there was no danger at all. But it was worth a try. Most tourists pay well, without any compensation from the bandits.
To get money without work is the second oldest trade in the world. Some police have already confirmed that the police are mostly concerned with money and rarely really with security 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 .. Precisely for this reason, speed cameras in England have to be visibly orange painted and in Norway and Sweden by signs in advance be announced etc.
Unfortunately, dealing with other people in police usually leaves much to be desired. This fits in with today's headline: Hundreds Injured by police violence. Policemen beat on peaceful voters.
During our stay in Dubai on the outbound flight at 3 o'clock in the morning my drunken customer prevented me and the other 200 travelers from sleeping in the concourse due to his extremely loud snoring. Well, that'll be fun.
When I woke him up hours later still friendly, so that he did not miss the Checkin and his flight, came instead of a thank you or an apology for the disturbance only the reproach that I had disturbed his beauty sleep. In such cases, the professional friendliness of a completely tired tour guide is put to the test. And because we are already on the subject of courtesy: Even the phrase "How are you? Fine" At the beginning of a conversation here is extremely important. Everything else is impeccable.
Also, phrases like that it comes down to you or it goes into your head purely on my occasional hint that you could camp here pretty wild, no reasonable human should allow me.
No wonder some people have to pay for someone to travel with them. In the course of travel planning, we had agreed, among other things, that we need a multiple plug for 12 volts to charge our devices. My customer said no problem, he has there.
Since he did not own the promised things and had not prepared anything or prepared anything as discussed, I kindly jumped in with one of my devices. Instead of a thank you, I had to listen to a stupid comment on my Lötkünste, as the fuse later burned through the device. Two sat navs, cell phones and his tablet were just too much for my device.
Fortunately, I was able to bridge the backup with conventional aluminum foil, which, of course, according to his comment would not work well. An apology from him? None.
My suggestion, to take a water can with us on our trip, proved in retrospect, of course, as right. He was supposed to be the cause of his stomach ailment for my client (and that was my fault), but he drained my water faster than I could get new. A backbone like a gummy bear. Only when my water was empty, he bought which only for himself. This is something you laugh about in European countries, where you can drink 20 liters of drinking water per toilet flush, but in the steppe here, water is the only really valuable part of the dry season. It is sanctioned. Blasting grass was forbidden.
What astonished me was how little he accepted my opinion or a no of other people. That seems to be an occupational disease of Policeman. So he just decided to take my locator bag to Africa anyway, even though I told him I did not want that. As I feared, the bag was damaged during the flight. He had not even protected her with a cardboard box. Somebody could see him at the airport with the ubiquitous box. He preferred to damage my property.
Afterwards he also thought that he could decide without consulting me if, when, how and in what amount he would compensate me for the damage. Are you crazy? How should the journey be only when it starts to pack?
In order to avoid quarrels even before I started traveling, I avoided a direct confrontation, but stayed with my professional friendliness and only then set a limit, as I had to listen to myself about how I paint my bread silly comments.
70 kilometers after Nata we reached the lodge "Elefant Sand¨, where some houses were built in a circle around a water hole and there is a free tent area, a bar and a pool for 100 Pular per person per night.
Towards evening the first exclusively male elephants circled almost silently to wallow in the artificial waterhole and quench their thirst. An impressive natural spectacle, which we enjoyed under the light of a campfire and a floodlight. The sun had already set at 18 o'clock pretty quickly. Female animals do not dare to approach humans so closely with their young. Due to the massive Ueberpopulation they are partially hunted.
We spent a few relaxing days and noisy snoring nights and then drove on to Senjni Lodge, 20 kilometers from the border town of Kuzungula, where truck drivers had to wait weeks in the hot sun for the eager stamps of diligent customs officials before taking the ferry one by one Zambia may take.
The lodge is with 200 pula per person twice as expensive as elephant sand before, for the guests there is also a floodlit waterhole and from 17 to 21 hours free sau slow Internet.
Despite the price, I made my drunken customer company, although I would rather have programmed. With something I have to make a living with my cell phone and Bluetooth keyboard by the way. Even under Android you can save and upload special characters or umlauts with editors like Quick Edit coded ISO 8859-1 or Windows 1250.
Late, I opened my tent in the shade of a small tree. At night, a lonely bull elephant suddenly had an appetite for this very tree, under which I tried to sleep. He broke off branches with a crash. The dry leaves trickled on my tent.
I squeezed myself sideways, expecting the elephant to crush my tent at any moment. Trying to scare him off would have been exactly the wrong thing to do and would have only made him aggressive. Luckily, my client did not do any more stupid things.
So I waited until the elephant had eaten the tree and turned to another. Apparently he had thought the tent a stone. The next day I showed my customer the Kuzungula ferry, which we had already used with the fire department. It still existed but will be replaced in the next few decades by a bridge that is already under construction.
While my customer preferred to take a bus to the Victoria Falls the next day because of the constant rip off by the police in Zimbabwe instead of our rental car, I got him sewing kit, sewed his rotten tent and changed money for him etc.
The fact that you need dollars in Zimbabwe, I had already pointed out in advance of travel planning. Zimbabwe uses US dollars as its currency. The visa for one day costs $ 30 or, if you wish, $ 30, a visa for one month 50. You have to pay appropriately ... the corrupt officials do not give out any change.
The bus trip cost around $ 50, and the waterfalls cost another $ 30: During the dry season, the waterfalls on the Zambian side are completely dry. In addition, even a visa for just one day costs 50 US dollars.
Then, like hundreds of other travelers, we moved to the Luxuslodge Chobe Safari, which offered not only rooms for US $ 190 per night, but also campgrounds for only 95 Pular with pool use and fast internet.
Only the many wild monkeys got on our nerves and had to be scared away with a stick. They dismantled my tent and tried to steal things from our tents and from the cooler.
Nobody bothered the boars and rat-like meerkats roaming around. But we were shocked when a big python suddenly jumped out of a sewage pipe, strangled a cat and devoured it in one piece.
Apart from that, we spent a few nice days in the lodge. Cheaper food I got at the warm counter from the supermarket nearby. Next door, underachieving alcoholics at a liquid store can supply their addictive substances more cheaply than at the bar. What gillt in Bavaria as "Leitkultur" is really a shame see ZDF Zoom Volksdroge alcohol from 22.02.2017. However, when people who have investigated drug addicts and made their lives difficult, it is perverted to consume drugs themselves. This hypocrisy of policemen has always bothered me.
I found out that behind the Spar Supermarket the tickets for the 3 hour Sundown boat tour on the Zambezi River were sold directly by the boat operators from 3pm to 6pm without the usual hotel surcharge for 190 Pula + 70 Pular Parkfee. For the same price you can also buy a game drive, in which a driver in a SUV drives through the Chobe Animal Park whose sandy roads can not be traveled on a normal car.
Both tours complement each other perfectly. While we were on the boat tour, the aquatic animals such as elephant, Nielpferde, straps and crocodiles saw, we saw on the game drive the still missing antelope zebras and thanks to luck even some lions.
To the latter, the driver as well as 20 other vehicles stormed after another driver had announced via CB radio the sleeping place of the lions. Back to Okawango Delta via Nata. The direct road to Maun, which I then drove with the fire department, would have been too heavy for a 2 wheel driven car. About the Kaprivi Strip would have become Namibian road tax 266 Namibia payable to Namibia.
In the Okavango Delta, where the huge river seeps away, two South Africans invited us to visit a nearby zoo. We gladly accepted, because you can not drive on the sandy slopes with our small car and because we would pay with German accent multiple entry into national parks.
On the way we met a herd of elephants. Since I did not want to endure the carcinogenic, disgusting smell of cigarette-fouled breath in the car, we stopped for the drug addicts again and again breaks and got out. Smoking under one roof is fortunately prohibited in Namibia. The now drunken South African walked to the herd to be photographed in front of her
Suddenly a huge cop raised its trunk in our direction and started us. Then he started running, waving his big ears and making a loud noise. We ran back to the car and the drunk driver started the engine and we drove off at full speed just as the elephant reached our former position. An adventure that I will gladly do without in the future.
At the Ngepi Camp on the Caprivi Strip in Namibia, we laid two beautiful days of rest. At night, however, I had to move because of unbearably loud snoring my drunken customer with my tent. In the morning he just complained to me that a group of young Overlanders allegedly made party and played music until midnight and was loud ...
The camp is located on the Okavango River and is characterized by the only functioning Internet if you manually as a gateway and for apple scrap added and his unusual sanitary facilities.
For example, a lavatory is located at a lofty height on a hunting stand, so that you have a nice view during use. The Bath of the Star Bath is also outdoors, and is protected on one side only by a raffia screen and a bar as a door.
There is also a floating cage that keeps crocodiles and hippos from swimming in the Okavango. The children of the locals go here despite the wild animals unprotected in the water.
Internet is also available to modern hippies if they manually set a static IP via the router sub DNS, as always free tea or coffee. Good music plays in the evening and you have the opportunity to exchange travel experiences with other guests. Something like that is rarely possible in large hotels and mass enterprises.
We continued towards Etosha Park. In the last city Grossfountain we covered ourselves with food. 100km around the famous zoo there are surprisingly no gas stations or a supermarket. Drones and uncooked meat such as the Bilton National Court are prohibited in the park.
Luckily, the prices in the camps within the state-run Etosha Park were not as exorbitant as we expected. In the small supermarket, which was flooded by hundreds of tourists, you got a white bread, sausage or biscuits almost at the same price as outside the park. Even gasoline was only marginally more expensive, if the gas station is not empty, as is usual for state-owned businesses.
Camping inside the park is relatively expensive. For example, 2 South Africans paid 250 Namibian Dollars (same rate as South African Rand) + 150 each for a camping plot.
Nevertheless, the camps are already booked months in advance online and you only come in, if someone kindly with lets on his parcel or if you apply a trick and comes just before closing time in the camp. If the gates close at 19 o'clock, you can not be sent away;)
The prices in the Etosha Park are staggered as well as in the Kruger Park after national origin. Namibians pay least, South Africans pay 60 Namibian dollars per person and people from further afield are the most discriminated against and have to pay 80 Namibdollar per person. Add to that 10.- for the car. After a badge I was not asked ... Fluent English language skills were enough and I became a South African;)
As most camps outside the park were also occupied (they still had hundreds of square meters of open space but every camper had a small house with its own shower and toilet no showers or toilets were available.) The managers did not let them soften, let us spend the night anyway ) we had to stay 15 kilometers away in the Sachsencamp for 150 per person. The internet was not here, the pool was covered and we were sold a completely outdated road map.
Prefer to google a card in advance and print out as Din A4. The signs in the park always show only the names of the waterholes. Wild camping in this area would be difficult as all the plots on both sides of the road are fenced. In order to send home a life sign, I set up a local MTC sim card for my customer. I had to guess the password of the configuration message. It was 1234. The next morning we were punctually at 6:30 with some other vehicles on the Ostgate of the Etosha Park and waited for the zoo to open.
We received as requested our permit for 3 days that we in the park in Oklahejo? had to pay camp. We were repeatedly told that drones or uncooked meat were prohibited in the zoo. At night we left the Etoschapark at the middle gate, spent the night in the cozy lodge Etosha Camp with free ice tea, pool, internet and in the evening live music 15km away for 175 per person to drive in the morning again past the snake into the national park into it.
Just a few meters after the entrance, we were very lucky to see a rhinoceros. We ourselves would probably have overlooked the huge animal. It is always amazing to see how well the animals are camouflaged in their environment. Even giraffes or a herd of elephants can be overlooked in the zoo. Luckily for us, some vehicles were already parked along the wayside, which always indicates a point of interest. Impalas, kudu, buffalo, widebiest, giraffe or zebra will not stop after a while. These animals can be seen again and again in huge herds. The abundance of animals in the Etoshapark is really impressive.
If there are cars jamming somewhere, there must be something out of the ordinary. At the last waterhole just before the entrance to the then restricted Area, the western part of the park, in which everyone is allowed to enter today, many cars had accumulated again. Around them, hundreds of animals were waiting to drink at the man-made irrigated waterhole. During the deadly dry season, most of the natural waterholes had dried up, so the thirsty animals now gathered in their hundreds in huge herds here. This took advantage of a pack of lions for themselves. The lions had made themselves comfortable right at the waterhole, so that the poor other animals could not drink.
Those who tried to escape the unbearable thirst were weakened by the long wait for easy prey. Why does that remind me now of police checks in front of nice motorcycle meetings? Fortunately, not every waterhole was home to such nasty animals. Especially along the west route, there were some irrigated water points where the animals could feed themselves.
From time to time we also saw lions lying completely unprotected in a large savannah. The landscape in the Etosha zoo is very varied. Even if one believed in one place there was nothing to see, with some patience one could discover birds, meerkats, a badger or a turtle. Unfortunately, watching with the guide is always such a thing. I would have liked to have spent much more time at the various waterholes, but my client always wanted to drive bored quite quickly again. There we drive thousands of kilometers but do not even have the time to observe the animals. A real shame. The sights in the zoo can be enjoyed much better as a self-payer.
So, however, we put hundreds of dusty miles in the park, while the originally well-pushed gravel roads in the west were getting worse. Heavy corrugated paving rocked our fuel-efficient, 2-wheel-drive car while the fuel gauge was lit. The gas station in oklahejo? had no gas. During the rainy season, most of the roads are muddy and slippery and only passable on a 4x4 off-road vehicle.
On the last drop we reached the gate. An employee privately sold us 10 liters of petrol privately. It was 60 kilometers to the next city. 50 kilometers later we saw a sign "Camping" and returned to the Kaoko Bush Lodge. Here we put a rest day and were able to recover with shower, pole and internet for 150 per person from the hardships of the last 3 days in the park. While my client got drunk, I set up the tents. Alone, I'm faster anyway. His 3 course dinner costs 195 Namdollar.
With the noise that my client organizes at night, he keeps safe from all wild chitas. Thereupon only a justification no apology. The next day I was able to eat in the small town nearby. As always, I had to hurry extremely. While I ate, my client smoked a cigar. The stench polluted the air. There could be no question of geniesen. As soon as he finished his cigarette, he impatiently wanted to continue. Often, therefore, I packed my half started food again and waited for his next cigarettes break.
When refueling, I was criticized as always by the better-knowing customer for standing on the wrong side of the gas pump, although I was never wrong as a driver, because I can read the small arrow icon next to the fuel gauge. He also scolded loudly over his navigation system, if he was too stupid to program it. Really uncomfortable. I had already offered him during the travel planning to get a simpler device, but he really wanted to do it himself.
However, a laugh was on my side when he wanted to drive himself and got stuck in the sand. Over the last 3000 kilometers I developed a feeling for sand and could see where it is too soft and where not. As always, my opinion did not count. Some people prefer to learn the hard way. The bulge on the rental car did not come from me;)
About a well-pushed Gravel Road we went with 100 things towards the coast. In Uis we refueled and took a break on recommendation. At the small place one expects nothing bad. Supposedly there should even be elephants here. Unfortunately, we were victims of a lousy scam: The White Lady Lodge with the elephants is 10 kilometers outside the village. So we ended up in the wrong white lady lodge in Whitetown district and it got worse. In the evening, ears began to deafening music, which left all guests in this place before 2 o'clock in the morning to sleep. Anyone who ever came there should rather camp wild somewhere. The area is ideal for this.
Since the supermarket was closed in the district of White Town Uis, we drove to Slam Blacktown. All the shops were open here. I bought 5 fat shit and delicious grilled meat for 50 Namdollar. Children begged for money without asking. Give me money! A touch of real Africa swept us. Traveling from Nobellodge to Nobellodge has nothing to do with Aftika.
It was all too much for my client, although he wrote in his first mail "But getting to know locals at street food is better than a Wiener Schnitzel in a safari lodge." He fled when people began to beg and bought a single toast at the same price in a fine restaurant.
Then other people tried to sell us stones for the compassion. They would have to pay the schoolfee of their children. The education in Namibia is free. After a terrible night, we drive to the coast and along a perfect salt road as on asphalt up to the seal colony to Cape Cross in Seals Reserve GPS 21 46 19e 13 57 08s. Here, South Africans pay 60 and Forreighner? S 80 entry + 10 for the car.
It was really fascinating to watch the hundreds of animals that were partially nursed by their mothers. My customer complained about their stench and unfortunately wanted to leave quickly, while their stench is not nearly as bad as that of a smoker who switched to air in the car because of dust. On the way to Swakobmund we passed the shipwreck of the Zeiler. One of the few shipwrecks that can be reached with a normal car on an asphalt road or salt road. Again, some beggars were hanging around and chatting. The chic cottages in Hantjes Bay? and Swakob were therefore all surrounded by walls.
At night, the thermometer fell on the camp Sophia Dale GPS 22grad38'31s 14grad38'12e to 8 degrees. Actually awesome to sleep, if not their shit mutt barked half the night. But even the 130 Namdollar per night was too much. During the day we visited flamingos or pelicans in the bay of Walfish Bay. Here is a company with huge tanks engaged in salt extraction. At Shoprite, there were fish and chips with vinegar and BBQ Chic & Grav for just 22.99. South African Rand were also accepted in Namibia.
Many people still spoke German from colonial times and there was even a German radio station that played ur old songs. Time seems to be standing still here. To see dolphins, we did not even have to book a boat tour. They played directly in front of the beautifully landscaped beach with artificial irrigated palm trees.
For 600, the living Desert Tour is offered everywhere, where you can see the smallest 5 animales of Africa. You can also go quad biking in the dunes between Swakobmund and Walfish Bay. The next day I had 4 hours free :) After I had brought my customers in the morning to the starting point of the living Desert Tour for overpriced 700 Nmadollar, I could finally eat in peace and walk on the famous dune number 7. It was extremely exhausting and therefore not for smokers, but the effort was worth it: the view from the top was fantastic.
When I picked it up again, I had to comment on how many years I had bought because I had two delicious portions for the evening and breakfast. The food in the camp was too expensive for me. My comment about his almost daily 3 beers, a whole bottle of wine alone and at every photo stop a disgusting cigarettes I did not say aloud. His stink is so red again that I spend so little time as necessary in his presence. What does one diplomatically answer to the recurrent question why I do not drink alcohol? So I will not become like you?
And to the question if I have smoked? I have not tasted any Sch *. Some things are so redoubled that you do not have to try them first to know how regal they are. Distract and change topic. Ignoring and smiling friendly is increasingly difficult for me. In the future I will refrain from such customers.
The age old tent of which I have said in Germany that it does not hold the tour, he finally replaced the advice of the saleswoman and my recommendation against a new with extremely viligranem folding rod. I congratulated him kindly and wished that it would last at least the last 14 days. Towards evening it thunders heavily. The end of the dry season.
I enjoyed the natural spectacle and the wireless contact with my girlfriend away from the stinking cigarette smoke. My client had finally found someone who wanted to play cards with him and I was therefore free :) After sunrise, we packed our tents and wanted the C14 Gravelroad to Solitaer? drive. No sooner had we left Walfish Bay than we were again harassed by highwaymen. One of the policemen wanted to see our documents and permits.
The idiot apparently did not even know what documents tourists need. He did not get anything. Instead, as a distraction, I immediately asked him how far away the highest dune was. After boring Smaltalk we finally could continue.
In solitaire? We had hoped for a supermarket to provide us with food. Instead, we found only a gas station and an expensive restaurant. If you want to go down there in the future, you should stock up on food in Walfish Bay. Unfortunately, due to the pressure of my client, I did not have enough time.
A few kilometers further (Namibia is huge ... there are a few hundred kilometers more or less make no big difference) we were already at the gate to the National Park Sousous Vlie ?. Also this national park costs like all other parks in Namibia for foreigners 80 and for South Africans 60 and for locals 30 namdollar entrance + 10 for the car. Camping in the park should cost an additional 200 per person. At the gas station with expensive supermarket in front of the park ¨nur¨ 180th Allegedly, however, the camp is fully booked up to the last place. Actually a joke, if it were not so sad.
In front of the national park is a meadow that is about the size of 100 football fields. In this huge area there are a maximum of 10 huge camping areas. On these huge campsites, jewels only parked 1 car, although 20 would have fit. Some stayed free even the whole night. Nevertheless, we were sent away.
Where should we go without reservation in advance now? Wild camping was out of the question for my client. So I went to a group Overlandern, who were traveling through Africa with a huge truck and many small tents. The tour guide was also cool and allowed us to join them on the big camp site. Whether there are 20 or 22 people spending the night, it makes no difference. Since nothing was offered except shared toilets on the campsite, we did not go to the front desk to pay for it.
Instead, we spent a cold, extremely stormy but at least free night with the Overlanders and even had dinner, as their guests, each of whom had paid $ 900 for 14 days, had left something behind. Some then wanted to do a voluntary social year in Africa.
The storm raged most of the night and did not stop in the morning. I dismantled my tent, its poles bent dangerously in the wind and rescued my customer's, as this left his just left unattended and it was almost flown away. At sunrise at 7 o'clock the park opened (until 19 o'clock). We followed the paved road about 35 kilometers, past beautiful dunes and dead trees into the park. Officially only 60 km / h were allowed, 120 km / h but absolutely safe no problem. For the most normal things in the world, my customer would have robbed his fellow human beings in the home immediately and collected their driver's license etc.
Unfortunately, when we were repeatedly overtaken by minibuses with tourists, he learned much too late that even 130km / h with trailers was no problem. Also, 13 adults on the back of a pickup are quite normal here. Ecologically you can not travel at all. When counting the children, my customer was confused. All police should visit Africa before they make life innocent people in Germany hell. Especially with too low limits you get a lot of cash-rich "customers".
At the parking lot of the famous dune 45 there were already numerous buses. Hundreds of tourists walked barefoot in single file up the ridge of the well-known dune before the sand became too hot in the midday sun. I followed them and took many pictures. My client described all those who walked up there as idiots holding on to every shit to take pictures. Like me.
15 kilometers further, the asphalt road ended at a large parking lot. From here it was only by 4x4 all-wheel drive with differential locks through deep soft sand on to the death Vallie ?. If you do not have a SUV, you can drive there for 150 Namdollar. Since the sandstorm had become so strong that you could barely see anything, we shot our photos of dead trees right here in the parking lot and drove at the urging of my client back to the sheltered restaurant where he could drink a coffee. He even gave me a piece of apple pie for me. Thank you :)
Then we put our trip on recommendation for bad roads not over Betta but over? on to Fishriver Canyon. Toward evening we passed the border to South Africa. The 90 days of our tourist visa continued during our absence. Only a few meters after the border we turned right and followed the Orange River border river 9 kilometers to the Orange River Rafting Lodge. Although my client had written "What I do not need: -morning know where I'll sleep in the evening," I had reserved at his request before.
Here we put for 125 Rand per person (next door it costs only 85) a leisurely rest day and used the existing boats to paddle a bit. By the way, 1500 Rand is the monthly salary of a salesman in a supermarket. Part timers get even less, according to radio stations. In the evening my client was entertained well by other alcoholics at the bar, so I was free again :)
When many people were on the road on the road on the weekend, my client mutinied that they were all on their way to the bottleneck to drink their wages. Near the border river we had seen large grape cultivation areas but also many churches. I was more likely to guess that the people in such beautiful clothes were on their way to church. Only the scum of society goes to the bottlestore. That the expiration date of the ice cream wafer he bought was overlapped, I would call here normal. Africa is not for peckers.
In the evenings locals told me, some of them spoke almost exclusively English and others almost only Afrikaans in a mix of both, that it is harder for whites to get a place at a university. Blacks would also be favored with worse credentials to meet the 50% odds. Soerwas divides the society even further.
When my client wanted to pay the bill for our campsite and his food before we left, it contained those positions he had not ordered. The ansich would be no problem and easy to forget, if not also the bills of people before us to their detriment would have been wrong. Whether this is a profitable scam? Who usually controls his computers? Since it was agreed that we camp wild, my customer has always paid for the campsites for me. Not out of consideration for my person, as he emphasized, but for fear of what he should say, if I would invade while wild camping and the rental car would be damaged. Many Thanks.
When we reached Cape Town and I demanded the money for the damaged bag, it came to an unavoidable dispute, which I had successfully avoided so far, with the result that he wanted to suspend me the next day. While he lodged in a chic hotel room, I camped in the parking lot and took advantage of the wireless internet. While he had breakfast alone, as always, I had already received two confirmations from Couchsurfing :-)
As a condition before he gives me the money for the damaged bag, he demanded that I register him a SimCard and help with the credit with credit. Apart from the fact that it is a joke, if the causer makes the elimination of a damage to conditions, I would have helped him as a tour guide, of course, anyway. When his phone worked with the new Simcard and I quickly bought something to eat in the cheap supermarket, he let his promise burst again. I did not receive anything, not even a thank you. Instead, he began to complain loudly and threatened me physically, as I wanted to take my bag back to me.
After he had taken a fancy hotel with sea view and breakfast and let me out on my couch surfers, he decided without consulting me, 22% of the value of my bag to pull off. The bag was indeed needed. Hello? Since when does the cause of damage decide on the amount of the damages? Just to avoid this quarrel at the end of our trip, I did not even want him to take her to Africa at all. How would he react to his customers if they simply paid 22% less from the traffic ticket?
I was happy to finally get rid of this unpleasant customer. It was a big mistake to be so dependent on a stranger and swallowing up all meanness and blame in order not to be suspended somewhere like now. Crisp, what is there for people. At least, a funny blog has come out at. Thank you for reading. The next customer can only get better :-)

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